What’s believed to be the world’s “fox-proof” chicken house is being manufactured from high density polythene Click & Fix plastic planking made by Tatra Plastics Manufacturing at their factory in Norwood Green, Wyke near Bradford.

All the walls and roof panels are made from Click & Fix, and metalwork and the roof edging and cap are made from a plastic coated galvanized steel sheet, which stops foxes and badgers from chewing or digging their way in, which wooden houses are very prone to.

The hen houses are made by a small Chichester engineering company, Mark Francis Ltd and Mark Francis says the design and materials of the houses drastically reduce the loss of birds from attack by vermin.

“Badgers are even worse than foxes for raiding chicken houses because they’re built for digging and have really powerful claws. However, neither badgers nor foxes are able to dig or chew their way in through the plastic walls, floor or roof panels. So far as we know, these are the first vermin proof chicken houses,” he says.

In addition, the use of Click & Fix plastic planking makes the houses very easy to clean out. They can be steam-cleaned or power washed and, as the material is non-absorbent, will dry in a matter of minutes. All the perches are also plastic and can be removed for ease of cleaning.

The current range of chicken houses is for eight, 16, 24, 32 or 48 birds and there are plans on the drawing board for larger chicken sheds made from the plastic planking that, between them, are for everyone from the back garden hobbyist to the commercial chicken farmer.

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